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Sanks is high technology NSK・ISC engineers and deep relationship partner .

Customers turn to Sanks for products and services, but they also come to us for answers.  Sanks experts ... application specialists, metallurgists, process engineers and others ... are ready to respond to specific application-related questions. For general product and technical questions, you may find the following collection of resources and calculators very useful.


If you have Bearings questions, start your research here in the Sanks

For Maintenance

Responsible for keeping equipment running smoothly? you can find helpful tips for bearing maintenance on Sanks 

For Engineers 

Engineers who need technical information about Sanks products can rely on this collection of calculators, product selection search tools and other resources.

For Fast

Sanks is good business relationship agreement with forwarder. You will be able to receive timely and systematic service thereby .Sanks save your time , and think for your effective work .

For Suppliers 

The Sanks, on every product produced in NSK,ISC plants around the world, carries a promise of quality and consistency, our primary responsibility is to ensure that same quality and consistency exists in our supply base.

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